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Unemployment among young people is the percentage of the working-age population (15-24) that is neither employed nor actively seeking a job. As per the International Labor Organization (ILO), Pakistan possesses the ninth largest labor force globally, with an influx of nearly four million young individuals reaching the age of employment annually.

According to the 2022 statistics released by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, the current unemployment rate among the youth in Pakistan stands at over 31%. Notably, most of this demographic comprise females, accounting for 51%, while males constitute 16%. Notably, a significant proportion of these unemployed individuals hold professional degrees. One-third of the youth residing in rural and urban areas are disengaged from the system, as they have yet to be employed or enrolled in educational or training programs.

The International Labour Organization (ILO), acting on behalf of the United Nations (UN) in Pakistan, partnered with the Planning Commission to organize a National Policy Dialogue centered on Youth Employment, Economic Participation, and Opportunities. The objective of this dialogue was to establish priorities and interventions for the upcoming year of 2021-22.

The Youth Employment Program 2023 has been introduced by the Federal Government to provide significant opportunities for young individuals. Youth Employment 2023 provides work experience and job skills. The Punjab government has opened online registration for the 2023 youth employment initiative. Online enrollment for this program will soon begin in additional provinces. Twenty thousand jobs will be created through Youth Employment Program 2023. Both men and women may join the government’s youth employment program in 2023.

The current government has announced the National Youth Employment Policy (NYEP) to provide employment opportunities to two million young individuals in the country. Furthermore, it was announced in December 2022 that the prime minister’s interest-free and subsidized loan schemes for youth entrepreneurship would be relaunched. Likewise, the year 2023 saw the introduction of the “Talented Youth Internship Program,” aimed at providing opportunities for thirty thousand jobless graduates.

CREDP emphasizes that the youth is a crucial component of the nation’s economic foundation. Given the current state of the economy in Pakistan, it is imperative to prioritize the involvement of the country’s youth, who comprise a substantial portion of the population. Unfortunately, a significant delay is present in this matter. The government needs genuine programs or policies aimed at facilitating youth employment. Previous attempts have yet to yield any successful outcomes. It can be asserted that the state of youth employment has been consistently dire throughout history. The improvement of Pakistan’s economic condition necessitates government action toward addressing the issue of youth unemployment. Nevertheless, the recently announced government initiatives offer a glimmer of hope if successfully carried out.