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Mental & Physical Health

Mental health challenges negatively impact the physical health of the youth in the country. This results in the consumption of drugs and instances of suicide. Pakistan’s population comprises 64% of individuals who are under the age of 30. A significant proportion of Pakistan’s population, primarily young individuals, suffer from physical and mental health disorders, with the number exceeding 90 million. 

Mental health departments exhibit a lack of consideration toward mental illness. IPSOS, a global research firm, recently conducted a study for the Pakistan Mental Health Coalition on behalf of an organization affiliated with IPSOS. The study revealed that approximately 60% of Pakistanis experienced moderate to severe mental health issues during the coronavirus pandemic, while 80% exhibited some symptoms of mental illness.

Approximately 57.9% of the population of Pakistan falls under the age of 21. There is an increasing prevalence of mental health concerns among the youth population. The area in question is the most overlooked aspect of healthcare. In Pakistan, depression constitutes a significant portion, precisely 44.6%, of the disease burden associated with mental illness. Additionally, anxiety ranks as the sixth most prevalent health condition that results in impairment.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is working to enhance the physical and mental well-being of young individuals in Pakistan. As per the statement, young individuals are provided access to secure and superior healthcare services, encompassing sexual and reproductive health and mental health services and information, through innovative initiatives based on technology and community.

The CREDP highlights that a significant proportion, precisely 64%, of the population of Pakistan’s youth falls under 30. The nation, characterized by a predominantly youthful population, is grappling with significant mental health challenges that adversely impact their physical well-being. Unfortunately, no legislation, official directive, or governmental initiative has been implemented by the Ministry of Health or the state to address the mental and physical health concerns affecting the younger generation of Pakistan. 

This phenomenon may steer individuals towards engaging in illicit activities such as drug addiction or, in extreme cases, self-harm leading to suicidal ideation. Young individuals must be provided with access to secure and high-quality healthcare services, which encompasses mental health services, information, and sexual and reproductive health services.