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Drug Use Is Not Cool or Trendy!


With an annual increase of 40,000 drug addicts, Pakistan is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most drug-affected nations. The fact that most heroin users are under 24 is the most troubling aspect of the crisis. Nowadays, it’s far less difficult to get illegal drugs. Instead of searching for drug dealers in seedy parts of town, anybody can purchase narcotics from their phone, like ordering a pizza.

The growing trend of drug abuse in educational institutions has posed a serious threat to the lives and health of young people, as college and university students use drugs freely and openly. One survey found that one in ten college students struggle with drug abuse, and nearly half of students at various educational institutions, especially elite schools/colleges in Islamabad and Lahore, are addicted to drugs. The vast majority of these students come from economically secure backgrounds.

Drugs are extremely harmful, even though more young people see them as cool and trendy. Many young individuals lack a comprehensive understanding of the risks and repercussions that might accrue from making even a few poor decisions. Hence, more people are becoming sick from drug overdose and are dying as a result of the widespread normalization of drug use.

The change in public opinion towards drug usage is largely responsible for this new normal. A possible factor in the shift is a light-hearted portrayal of drug use on television and in films. Another reason to consider is the smooth availability of drugs to anyone at any time. Before, people used to have to seek out dealers to find drugs, often in a nasty and dangerous subculture through shady back alleyways and taboo locales. The degree to which cellular phones have connected us all in this day and age has made buying illegal drugs as easy as it can be.

Change the World

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What steps should be taken by young people in rehabilitation? Should they lock themselves behind closed doors? That is not the way to approach anything in life. They must make an effort for the betterment of their community, and overcome their fears by exploring the realm of art, music, and other exciting things that make life worth living. As a society, we need to introduce fun and creative platforms for the youth of our country so that they can actively engage themselves in constructive and creative activities. It is high time we created open arenas for youth to showcase their extraordinary talents in fun events, such as declamation contests, poetry competitions, libraries, art festivals, sports galas, youth festivals, dance and music classes, and much more. Such activities will increase the chances of countering the prevailing societal tides. Hence, our youth may be introduced to the true essence of being cool or trendy.

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